My New Old Shed . . . . .2004

Ever since I had my new shed built last summer, I have been intending to reorganize and fix up my older shed, to use as an assembly/storage area. Well, I finally got around to it!!! It had two large shelving units covering two small windows, and I had a workbench back partially covering another small screened window; thus, there was not much light coming in. So, a few weekends ago, I finally got around to moving those two big shelving units away from the windows. Now there's a lot of light! I also built an 8-foot workbench, with storage area underneath. Here are some photos of my "new old shed":





This photo shows one of the windows which were uncovered when I moved the shelving units. The two covered shelving units house paint cans, automotive supplies, etc. I have my father's old scroll saw on a little table underneath the window. The steel workbench you see to the left was what used to cover another small window.







Here's the new 8-foot bench I built. It has plenty of storage space underneath, too.








Another view of the new bench. I put up some pegboard along this wall.





That covered unit is where I store all my odds and ends of lumber.




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