Sunday, July 21st, 2013:

I went to Butcher Dog Park again today. I was hoping that Ries (Riesling), a Rhodesian Ridgeback whom Hannah seems smitten by, would be coming by today. Sure enough, Ries and her owner, Paul, did come by, and Hannah had a great time greeting and playing with Ries. Hannah loves Ries.

Hannah is so funny when she sees Ries --- she just squeals giddily and leaps around like a puppy --- I have no idea why she took to Ries so readily, from the very beginning!
It was really funny & sweet the first time it happened, about a month ago --- Hannah saw Ries through the fence as Ries was almost ready to enter, and you could see a definite sudden spark of recognition & joy in Hannah's eyes --- I'd never seen Hannah react that way to any other dogs.


Hey, I just now figured out how to put one of my Facebook posts into the website!!!! (I've been trying to figure out how I can get my FB posts from my recent trip to the Guild of American Luthiers 2014 Convention onto this website --- now I know I can do it!!! Yay!




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