Saturday, July 28, 2012:

Just a couple of photos. I haven't posted any photos of Hannah for a while, so I thought it was time to....Here's a photo I took of Hannah just over a month ago. She's such a beautiful girl!



I just got one of these "Outward Hound" doggie backpacks for Hannah. I had heard that, if you give a dog a backpack to wear on your walks, she will feel as if she has an important "job" to do, and will behave more purposefully. Well, it seems to be true; as soon as I pulled this backpack out, and placed it on Hannah, she just loved it. She seems to enjoy wearing it. It's kind of a neat backpack; the two shoulder bags actually can be easily lifted off the separate harness (they're attached by Velcro strips), so you can remove the shoulder bags if the dog just wants to lie down and rest. I put a couple of waterbottles filled with water in the two shoulder bags. It did seem to settle her down as we walked, and, when I took it off her at the end of our walk, she seemed not to want to be without it!!!




May 2013:

I have been taking Hannah about two times a week to a local dog park, and she loves it! At first she was pretty shy and only was willing to sniff people and other dogs (and let the other dogs sniff her). But, little by little, she is becoming more comfortable playing with the other dogs. Here's a video I took one day this past month.











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