An Updated Tools List: Page 2

* Fret-crowning file
Diamond-coated, for rounding over frets after you have leveled them
Fret-leveling file
Home-made (epoxying a mill bastard file to a block of wood)
* Fret end file
Has a “safe” edge for shaping fret ends without damaging the fingerboard
* SM Nut slotting files
For slotting string slots in the nut
Mill files
Needle files
Japanese Shinto file
For shaping the neck shaft
I LOVE these for shaping necks!!!


Marples chisels
1/4” to 1” sizes
* Curved glue-clearing chisel
From LMI – makes it easier to get at glue squeeze-out
For use with carving violin, mandolin, archtop plates
* Micro chisels
For cleaning up nut slots, binding ledges, etc.
Japanese pull-saw
Zona mini-saw
Flush-cutting saw
Jeweler’s saw
For cutting inlays
Curved and straight edges – I begin neck carving with the curved one.
Hand scrapers
Razor blades
* Inlay engravers
Exacto knives
Fiskars scissors
* SM fret tang nippers
Indispensable tool for cutting tang ends for bound fingerboards
End nippers
For trimming fret ends flush to fingerboard
* Reamer
For enlarging tuner and endpin holes
* Ibex fingerplanes
For scalloping braces, carving plates
Hand jointer
From a ShopNotes article (before I got my Craftsman jointer)


* SM router base
Very handy --- you can make micro-adjustments for depth of cut
* SM circle-cutting jig
Can cut soundholes of 3” diameter or above
* SM purfling attachment
Primarily for routing out violin purfling slots
* SM router edge guide
Adjustable depth of cut
* SM binding router attachments
What I used to use before I made the Williams binding router jig
* SM saddle-slotting jig
You can rout a saddle slot in a bridge either on or off the guitar.


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