Binding Router Attachment

This is an attachment that screws onto the Dremel Moto-Tool. It's used for routing out binding/purfling ledges on the guitar. It comes in a set of two attachments, each with two binding depth settings. Placing the flat surface against the side or top/back gives you a binding depth of .090", for example. The flat surface on the other side of the attachment gives a binding depth of .060". The second attachment gives you binding depths of .120" and .040". You can rout out other depths easily by wrapping masking tape around the attachment's flat edge. I've used it to rout out the binding ledges on all the guitars I've made. I like it especially because, since the flat surface rides along the surface of the wood you are cutting into, you are assured of a perpendicular cut. The set is available from Stewart-MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply.

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