Pochette Project

(August 27th, 2022 - ????)



  1. The Idea & Gathering Info, Gathering Materials, Figuring Out Measurements for Body Template, Figuring Out Measurements for Neck/Scroll Template, Cutting Out the Templates, Reducing the Body Template for the Mold, Preparations for Making the Mold, Finishing the Neck Template, Filing the Mold
  2. Using Algebra to Figure Out Blocks' and Clamp Cut-out Sizes, The Mold Is Finished!, Making the Blocks, Sanding and Marking the Blocks, Shaping the Blocks, Bending & Gluing the C-Bout Ribs, Starting on the Neck, Smoothing the Neck Blank and a "DUH" Moment. A Setback and a Nice Surprise
  3. Shaping the Upper and Lower Bout Blocks, Gluing Upper and Lower Bout Ribs, Removing the Clamps and Leveling the Ribs to the Blocks, Linings for the Top Plate Side, Leveling the Linings, Drawing the Plate Outlines, Cutting Out the Plates
  4. A Cool New Tool, The Rough Arching, The Purfling Platform, The Edges, The Purfling Channels, Bending and Fitting the Purfling, Gluing the Purfling
  5. Carving Cradle, Top Plate Sguscia and Arching, Arching the Maple Back Plate, The Plates Are Both Arched, Drilling the Depth Holes, Preliminary Thicknessing of the Spruce Top, Thicknessing the Maple Back Plate
  6. Marking the Soundhole Positions, Sawing Out the Soundholes, Using the Scalpel to Shape the Soundholes, The Bass Bar is Fitted and Glued, The Bass Bar is Shaped, Finalizing the Edges of the Plates, A Nice Discovery!!!, Today's Plan, No More Mold, Gluimg the Top
  7. Starting the ScrolL The Top Was Successfully Glued, Figuring Out the Neck Overstand Height, The Back Linings, Continuing on the Scroll, The Pegbox
  8. The Fluting, Marking the Neck Heel and Tack-Gluing the Fingerboard, Starting to Shape the Neck, Carving the Neck Shaft, Starting to Work On the Neck Mortise, The Neck is Glued!!!, LabeL The Back is Glued!!!
  9. Almost Ready for Varnishing, Back Button & Heel, Saddle, End Pin, Nut, Shaping the Saddle and Nut, Fitting the Tuning Pegs, C-r-r-a-a-a-c-c-k!!!" , Gelatin Sealer Coats, Water-Stain "Ground" Coats, First Primer Coat
  10. Second Primer Coat, First Color Coat, Second Color Coat. Third Color Coat, Fourth Color Coat, Fifth (and possibly final) Color Coat. First Clear Coat, Second (Final) Clear Coat, Final Buffing Out, Painting the F-Holes and Pegbox, Gluing on the Fingerboard
  11. Removing the Fingerboard Clamps!!, Soundpost Frustration!!!, Finishing the Nut and Nut Slots, Staining and Linseed Oil on the Back of the Neck, Linseed Oil on the Fingerboard, The Soundpost Has Been Installed!!!, Fitting the Bridge Feet, First Steps in Setting Up the Pochette, First Sounds, Second Sounds (After Carving the Bridge), A Bridge Experiment