A Guarneri "Plowden" Build!!!

(November 10th, 2022 - ????)



  1. The Idea, The Cremona Tools Guarneri Kit, Spruce!!!, Of Spruce, Maple, and Six Blocks, More Work on the Blocks, Starting to Sand the Blocks, A Maple Unboxing, Chopping the Blocks, Making Counter Blocks and Trying Out Some Bending of Ribs
  2. Bending the C-Bout Ribs, Shaping the Upper and Lower Bout Corners, Bending the Upper and Lower Bout Ribs, Gluing One Side of the Upper and Lower Bout Ribs, Flattening the Plates, Preparing for Linings, Fitting and Gluing the Top Linings, Leveling the Top Linings and Working on the Top Plate, Locating Pin Holes and Outline of the Back Plate
  3. Cutting Out the Maple Back, Thicknessing the Plates and Marking the Edge Heights, Starting the Rough Gouging of the Top, Continuing on the Top, Beginning the Rough Arching of the Back, Starting Over, Back Linings and More Gouging, THERE IS HOPE!!!
  4. Optical Illusion, The Spikes are Disappearing!!! New Cross Arch Templates, Edge Work, Brainstorm, Practicing Routing, Routing for Real, The Purfling Ledge is Done
  5. Prepped & Ready to Purfle, The Purfling Slots Are Dremeled, Hand-Cutting the Corner Purfling Channels, Checking the Purfling Channels for Fit, Heating Up the Bender, Bee Stings, Gluing the Purfling, Ready to Sguscia!, Marking the Outer Limit of the Sguscia
  6. Starting to Gouge Out the Sguscia. The Sguscia is Done, A Lumpy Mess, Archings, More Arching, The Arching is Complete, Marking the Plate's Gluing Margin and Drilling Depth Holes, Hollowing Out, Initial Graduation is Done
  7. Figuring Out the Placement of the Sound Holes, Drilling Out the "Eyes", Cutting Out the First Sound Hole, Second Sound Hole, The Sound Holes Are Done, Sound Hole Wing Fluting, Starting the Thicknessing, Graduation Day, Finishing the Thicknessing, Positioning and Gluing the Bass Bar
  8. Carving the Bass Bar, Cleaning Up Gluing Margin, Tea Time, Flexibility (The Top Is Finished), Rough Gouging the Back
  9. More Rough Gouging, Filing the Edges, The Purfling Platform, A Better Handle, Routing the Purfling Slots, Hand-Cutting the Corners, The Back Purfling is Complete, Rough Arching
  10. The Cross Archings, Getting Rid of the Lumps, The Arching is Complete, It's Sguscia Time!!!. Now the Arching is REALLY Finished, Getting Ready for the Thicknessing, Initial Thicknessing, Second Round
  11. A New Plan of Attack (Using a Different Carving Cradle), Almost There..., No Power But Still Graduating, Tea Time Again, Horsetail, Smoothing Out Some Lumps, The Top Is Glued to the Garland and the Back Has Its Label, What's Next
  12. The Clamps are Removed, Figuring the Neck Stop Length, The Back Linings Are Flush with the Rim, Cutting Out the Neck Blank, The Fingerboard, Smoothing the Scroll Surfaces, Centerlines, Marking the Fingerboard and Scroll Outlines
  13. Almost Ready to Start Cutting the Scroll!!!, One Side Done, Demonstration of How I Saw Out the Volute, Refining the Volute Level One (First Side), Level One Done, Confused: The Second Turn, Planning the Second Turn, One Side Done,
  14. The Basic Volutes are Done!!!, Undercutting the Volute Floors. Scraping and Sanding the Volutes, Chamfers, The Pegbox, The Fluting, The Scroll is Complete!!!, Tack-Gluing the Fingerboard to Neck
  15. Measuring and Marking the Neck Root, Getting Rid of Excess Wood and Planing the Neck Root, Starting on the Mortise. The Neck Fits!!!, Carving the Neck, Scatterbrained
  16. The Neck Is Glued!!!, Planing the Heel Flush to the Neck Block, Drilling a New Locating Pin Hole, Gluing the Back, Asymmetry!!!, Blending Heel Into Back Button, Unboxing Day!!!, The Saddle. Finishing Up the Saddle and Nut, Removing the Fingerboard, Fingerboard Gluing Channel, Neck Protector Board, Horsetail!!!, A Scary Adventure, Progress!
  17. Whew!!!, Gelatin Sealer, First Gold Color Primer Coat & First Use of Drying Box, Color Change!, After Second Primer Coat, After Third Primer Coat, Color Changes, The Reflective Rosin Ground Coats, First Mineral Ground Coat
  18. Second Mineral Ground Application (video), After 6 hours in the UV Box, Problem Solved!, Applying the First Color Coat (video), Gradual Color Change, Second Color Varnish Coat Just Applied, Second Coat after UV Drying Box, Color Comparison, Third Color Coat (video)
  19. Third Color Coat after UV, Fourth Color Coat, Fifth and Sixth (and Final) Color Coats!!!, Thoughts on the Holtier System, Two Clear Coats, New LED Light Strip for UV Box, Real UV
  20. Update after 4 Days Curing, Rubbing Out the Finish (video), Super Nikco, After the Super Nikco, The Fingerboard is Glued Onto the Neck Again!, Neck Finishing
  21. Painting the Pegbox and F-Holes, Done for the Day, Staining the Boxwood Pegs, Installing the Tuner Pegs, The Soundpost, Nut and Bridge Work, Here's What I Should Have Done Instead, Bridge Height
  22. Stringing Her Up, First Sounds, The Mysterious Rattle. Carving the Bridge Step 1, Almost There, Gettin' Closer, A PDF Book of this Project!!!, More Bridge Work and a Comparison