The 2nd Violin



  1. Sharpening Chisels and Gouges
  2. The Top and Back Plates - Beginning the Carving of the Top
  3. The Top Purfling Shelf / Rough Arching of the Top / Using Fingerplanes to Further Carve the Top / Scraping the Top Arch / Routing the Purfling Ledge on the Maple Back / Carving the Arches on the Maple Back
  4. Why Didn't I Think of That??? / Upper & Lower Bouts Rough-Carved / Outside of Maple Back Finally Carved and Scraped / Establishing Final Edge Thickness on the Back / Blending Purfling Ledge into Arch / Marking the 3mm Edge / TWO EXCELLENT VIOLIN-MAKING YOUTUBE SERIES / Smoothing the Edges
  5. Purfling Channel Test Routing / Routing the Purfling Channel in the Top / Cutting Corners / Gluing in the Purfling / Purfling the Maple Back
  6. More Purfling / Fluting the Edges / Linings (including a video on Bending, Fitting, and Gluing the Linings onto the Rims / Indexing Pins
  7. Marking Thickness Depths on Back and Top / Trimming Blocks and Chamfering Linings / Preparing to Hollow the Plates / Drilling the Depth Holes in the Maple Back Plate / Drilling Depth Holes in the Spruce Top / Setting Up the Hollowing Cradle / Starting to Hollow Out the Spruce Plate / Tap Tones! / Second Hollow-Carving Session / OOPS! / Drilling Holes in the Eyes
  8. A New Old Scraper & Marking Graduations / The Top is Hollowed Out (FINALLY) / The F-Holes