The Teeny-Tiny Violin



  1. The Idea, The Unboxing, Removing the Fingerboard and Top, Making an Outside Mold, Bargain Bag of Spruce, Flamed Maple Back/Sides/Neck
  2. Preparing the Ribs and Top & Back Plates, Gluing Up the Plates, Mold Modifications, Change of Plans --- Veneer Sandwich Ribs, Fitting the Veneer Ribs to the Mold, The Corner Blocks
  3. Trimming Ends of Bouts, Gluing Neck and Tail Blocks, Making and Gluing the Linings, Sanding the Rims Flush, Cutting Out the Spruce and Maple Plates. Arching Templates, Sharpened Gouges, Starting to Carve the Arches (of the top)
  4. The Rough Carving of the Top is Complete!. Rough Carving the Back, Making a Knife Handle, Baby Carving Cradle
  5. The Purfling
  6. Sharpening Gouges with the Tormek, Thickness Carving the Plates, F-Holes
  7. The Bass Bar, The Neck Template, Bandsawing the Neck, The Scroll Template, Marking the Scroll, Carving the Scroll
  8. More Scroll Carving!!!, The Pegbox, The Fluting, The Fingerboard, Preparing to Shape the Neck, Label and Endpin Hole
  9. Starting to Carve the Neck, The Nut, Rough Carving the Neck, Almost Had A Heart Attack!, More Neck Carving, Filing the Top Plate's Edges, Gluing the Top to the Rims, Fitting & Gluing the Neck
  10. A Video of the Neck-Gluing Success, Preparing to Glue on the Back, Gluing on the Back, An Even Tinier Teeny-Tiny Violin!!!, The Saddle, The Button, Tuner Pegs, End Pin, Filing the Nut, Dyeing the Violin, Leftover Shellac
  11. French Polishing
  12. More French Polishing, Making a Soundpost, The Final Polishing, Gluing on the Fingerboard, Decision about the Soundpost, The Bridge, Broken Tuner Peg, New Tuner Pegs, First Stringing Up (No Soundpost)
  13. The Soundpost is In!!!, It is Finally Finished!!!!