Violin #4 Project

(May 6th, 2022 - ????)



  1. THE IDEA AND PREPARING SOME TOOLS AND JIGS: Oops, I've Done It Again, Researching for Measurements, A Better Carving Cradle. The Research is Complete, It's Another Unboxing!!!!, Is the Mold Accurate?, Finalizing My Measurements, The Decisions Have Been Made!!!,

    BLOCKS AND RIBS: Cutting the Blocks

  2. Making C-Bout Rib Clamping Blocks, New Spruce for Wider Neck Block from International Violin Company, Gluing the Blocks, Sanding the Blocks, Preparing to Shape the Blocks, Shaping the Blocks, Starting to Carve the Corner Blocks, Counter Blocks, Lovely Flame

  3. Scraping Down the Ribs, Finishing Prepping the Ribs, Cutting the Rib Strips to Size, Practice Bending, A Change in Plans. More Practice & New Ribs, A New Counter-Form Jig

  4. Finally Found A Way to Bend the C-Bout Ribs!!! (I hope.), A "New" Old Bending Strap, First Try with "New" Bending Strap, SUCCESS!!! (No Cracks!), Preparing the New Ribs. Adapting My Bending Slat, SUCCESS in Finally Bending the Real C-Bout Ribs!!!, The C-Bout Ribs are Glued and Clamped. Starting to Shape the Upper and Lower Bout Blocks

  5. The Blocks Are Shaped, Bending a Lower Bout and an Upper Bout Rib, Gluing the Ribs, Preparing to Bend and Glue the Other Upper and Lower Bout Ribs, All the Ribs Have Been Glued!