Session #16, #17, #18


Sunday, July 26th, 2015:







Today Randall did quite a few little tasks.

First, he trimmed the peghead veneer flush to the peghead edges, using a chisel and sandpaper blocks. After that was done, he drilled the 3/8" diameter tuner holes, 1/2" in from the edges and spaced 1-9/16" apart from each other.







Next, he glued the truss rod into the channel in the neck, using epoxy on the sides of the channel. He also epoxied a veneer shim on top of the truss rod. Later he will scrape the epoxy that was applied over the shim so that it is flush to the top of the neck surface.


Finally, he used AquaCoat clear waterbase pore filler to fill the pores of the soundbox's back and sides. It took four or five (I forget) applications. The AquaCoat is easy to apply and allows you to rub it off cleanly, so there is very little need to sand between coats. The other advantage to this pore filler is that it dries pretty quickly, so you can do several coats in one session.







Monday, July 27th, 2015:


Only one photo today --- today Randall glued the fingerboard to the neck, after scraping the epoxy covering the truss rod flush with the neck surface.


Sunday, August 2nd, 2015:


Again, lots of work was done today. Today Randall carved the neck edges flush with the fingerboard edges, made his heel cap out of bloodwood, with a thin maple veneer which will coincide with the binding's purfling line, and pore-filled the neck.



































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