Session 1

Monday, May 11th, 2015:

Had the first session with Randall, helping him build his first guitar, an OM style from a Martin kit.

Tonight he glued the neck and tail blocks to the sides, and glued the braces on the top using my go-bar deck (all except the two braces above the soundhole, which will be glued flat instead of on the 25' radius dish).

Looking good so far!!! It was fun.


Here he has glued and clamped up the neck and tail blocks to the sides.


The next thing he did was to glue the top braces in the 25' radius dish, which was set in the go-bar deck. It was his first time using a go-bar deck, and he did a great job!



Here's a shot of the clamped braces:


Here is Randall gluing on the soundhole braces:


After we glued on the top braces, we were able to remove the clamps from the neck and tail blocks. Everything came out well --- good glued joints, everything right on the centerlines!


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