More Binding Work


Tuesday, June 9th, 2015:

This morning I removed the tape from the bindings. All in all, I am pretty pleased with how it came out. Due to some VERY tight clamping in the problem areas (gaps because of slightly bent/cracked binding), the binding ended up fitting the channels better than I had expected it to. That Titebond is some pretty strong stuff --- I love it!




There were just a couple of places where I will need to fill in some gaps (by putting glue in the gaps and then lightly sanding the area so that the dust will fill the gaps).

On the spruce top, I will tape off the spruce next to the gap, and then will sand only the ebony binding to fill the gap.


On the zebrawood back, I will try to fill the gap with the zebrawood dust.



The only other little problem was that there were two cracks that appeared in the lower bout of the back strip, before I glued up that piece.

The one on the left was a slight crack; the one on the right had completely separated from the rest of the piece of binding. When I glued that one up, I applied glue to both edges of the diagonal split and kind of slid the broken-off piece into the already-gllued-in larger section of the binding. I taped it down really tightly.

After I removed the tape today, I wicked a little superglue into both areas.

I think, after some sanding, the two areas will end up fine.






Wednesday, June 10th, 2015:

Spent about four hours today scraping all the binding, so it was flush to the top, back, and sides. Then I sanded with 120 grit.

Later on, I will fill a few gaps between the binding and the top and back. Luckily, there aren't too many.





Wednesday evening . . .

After successfully filling all the binding gaps, I spent about two hours or so tonight cutting out this channel in the top to allow the truss rod to drop in.

Later, after a preliminary fitting of the neck (to check all the different necessary neck angles), the truss rod (with an ebony filler strip on top) will be glued into the neck, the frets and side dots will be installed in the fingerboard, and the fingerboard will be glued to the neck.








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