My 2016/2018, Fully-Loaded Size 5



  1. My "Fully-Loaded" Size 5 / Starting to Prepare the Top and Back / Working on the Rosette / Cutting Braces / Gluing Back Braces / Cutting Side Profiles / Bending Sides / Trimming Ends of Side

  2. Gluing Half of the Tailblock / Side Bevel Cutout / Gluing the Other Half of the Tailblock/ Making and Gluing the Neck Block / "Driving the Bus"!!! / Making and Gluing the Bevel Block / "Driving the Bus" again / Drilling the Neck Bolt Holes through the Side / Gluing on the Top Kerfing

  3. Gluing on the Back Kerfing / Update / Shaping the Bevel / Planning the Soundport / Gluing the Veneer Reinforcement Patch / Side Reinforcement Braces / A Little Visualization / Routing Out the Soundport / Preparing the Top / Gluing the Top Braces

  4. Preparing for Carving the Braces / Carving the Braces / Preparing to Close the Box / Fitting the Top and Back to the Sides / Making the Label

  5. Sanding, Gluing Label, and Gluing on the Back & Top / Trimming the Overhang / Deciding on the Binding/Purfling/Bevel Veneer / Routing the Purfling Channels

  6. Routing the Binding Channels, Filing the Transitions, Cleaning Up the Channels / The End Wedge / Bending Bindings / Gluing the Bindings & Purfling / Scraping the Bindings and Purflings Flush

  7. Filing the Bevel / Preparing the Veneer / Ironing on the Veneer / Trimming the Overhang / Finishing the Bevel (and a Little Hiccup / A Fix / Starting the Neck

  8. Installing Threaded Inserts into the Neck / Gluing on the Peghead Veneer / Peghead Shape & Cutting Neck Profile/ Tapering the Fingerboard / Inlaying Fingerboard Dots / Fretting the Fingerboard / Filing the Fret Ends/ Filling Fret Tang Gaps / Installing Side Dots / Trimming the Neck Blank

  9. Sanding the Peghead Flush / Thicknessing the Peghead and Drilling Tuner Holes / A Little Sidetracked / Fitting the Neck / Cutting the Peghead Inlay / Routing the Inlay Cavity / Gluing in the Inlay / Gluing the Fingerboard to the Neck / Shaping the Neck

  10. More Shaping of the Neck!!! / Sanding & Mixing Shellac / Pore-Filling / FRENCH-POLISHING: Stage 1: First Shellac & Alcohol Coats / Stage 2: Adding a Cover & Olive Oil / Stage 3: Adding Walnut Oil into the Shellac Mixture

  11. 9 Sesssions Complete!!! / I Found A Case!!! / First Leveling of the Finish / Beginning the Second Group of Bodying Sessions / OH, NO!!! Dull Spots in my Finish!!! / Waiting 3 Days / Wet-Sanding / Beginning the Final, Third Group of Bodying Sessions / A Five-Day Wait

  12. The Final Polishing / Installing the End Pin / Sanding Top Radius Onto Bridge / Checking the Neck Centering and Back Angle / Bolting and Gluing on the Neck / Locating the Bridge / Gluing the Bridge / The Unclamping!!!

  13. Fret Work (A Time-Lapse Experiment) / Making the Nut and Saddle, Drilling Bridge Pin Holes /Fitting the Bridge Pins, Bridge Pin Hole Slots, Tuner Installation / Preliminary Nut Slotting / Stringing Her Up!!! / Finishing the Nut Slotting / Final Nut Shaping / Setting the Action -- Adjusting the Saddle / IT IS FINISHED!!! / A "SENIOR MOMENT" / LIVE from my Bathroom!!!