Saturday, June 26, 2004:

To the left is the glued back, after I have cleaned it up.

Below is the label for this guitar.


I am gluing on the top now. Twenty clamps!!!! (It is always good to have LOTS of clamps!)

Originally, I had planned to glue on the back and top in the go-bar deck, but my deck turned out to be too short, and I didn't want to cut my 24" fiberglass go-bar sticks. I suppose I could use shorter wood dowel sticks, but I like using the fiberglass sticks so much better than the wood sticks, which sometimes broke! Another option would be to heighten my go-bar deck or make it adjustable (but at the moment, the top deck of my go-bar deck is fixed to the wall with brackets).

Monday, June 28th, 2004:

Here is the completed SOUNDBOX!!!! I used a laminate trimming bit in my new binding router jig to trim the overhanging edges of the top and back flush to the sides. Tomorrow I will plan and rout the ledges for the bindings and purflings.


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