Thursday, July 10, 2003

I did quite a bit today. Below you see the side set, after all the kerfing has been glued on. To the right is the top, after I have glued on a thin spruce bridge plate. Next I positioned the top on the side set, marked where the horizontal braces crossed the kerfing, and trimmed the braces.


 To the left I am gluing the top to the sides. I have the top set upon the 25' radius dish, and, since the top is so small, I had to clamp it by placing long boards over the side set, and clamping both ends of the boards. (The clamps wouldn't reach all the way to the sides.)

Above is the fingerboard, after the fingerboard dots have been inlaid.






After I fret the fingerboard, it always has quite a back bow, so what I do to straighten up the board is clamp it between two boards (or, in this case, between a board and my workbench surface).

To the right is the fretted fingerboard.

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