It's Finished (Almost)!!!

August 5th...Well, I finally finished it!!! That is, almost --- I now have to lower the nut slots so that the action is right and all the buzzes are gone.

I spent the 3rd doing the wet-sanding. I used the full gamut of Micro-Mesh sanding papers, all 9 grits from 1500 to 12000, to level and polish the surface. I did the wet-sanding with water with a few drops of liquid dish detergent. By the time I got to the 12000 grit, it was nearly totally polished. I then used Finesse-It, Meguiar's Mirror-Glaze #9, and Meguiar's Plastic Polish to bring it up to its final polish.

The next day, I attached all the hardware. I had to fashion a truss rod plate (I made it out of some leftover ebony veneer). I attached the tuners, the tailpiece, the end pin, and the pickguard. I fit the bridge to the top by rubbing it on sandpaper laid over the top. Finally I made the nut out of a piece of bone. After cutting slots in the nut and bridge, I strung it up.


Even though the action is not right yet, I can tell it's going to sound good! The notes ring out nice and clearly!

 Now I just need to learn to play the thing!!!! I have a head start, though --- the fingering is the same as on a violin, and I've played violin ever since the 3rd grade.


Below are some photos of the final results. Hope you enjoy them!



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