1. Neck & End Blocks, Peghead Veneer, Soundhole Rosette
  2. Back Inlay Strip, Kerfing
  3. Bracing the Top and Back
  4. Notching Sides for Braces, Gluing Back onto Sides
  5. Fingerboard Inlays, Gluing Top onto Sides
  6. Trimming Top & Back Overhang
  7. Binding and Purfling Channels, End Wedge, Fingerboard
  8. Abalone Top Purfling
  9. Fitting the Dovetail Neck, Installing Truss Rod
  10. Fretting
  11. Peghead Inlay, Grain-Raising
  12. Neck Glued To Body
  13. New Fingerboard
  14. Fretting (Again)
  15. Neck-Shaping, Nut Slot
  16. Dyeing Neck
  17. Sealing and Filling Pores
  18. Soundbox Sealing and Lacquer Coats
  19. Neck Sealing and Lacquer Coats
  20. Wetsanding
  21. Gluing Bridge On
  22. Tuners, Nut and Saddle Work

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