Messiah Project

(November 3, 2023 - ????)


  1. Oops, I've Done It Again!!! , Gathering Materials , Preparing Plates and Neck Block , Block Party! , Already Scatterbrained , Sanding the Taper into the Blocks , Shaping the Neck and Tail Blocks , Cutting Corners , Onc Corner Block is Done
  2. I've Turned the Corners , Yum Yum Ribs! , Making Counterblocks for the C-Bout Ribs , Counterblocks for the Upper and Lower Bout Rib Corner Blocks and Neck and Tail Blocks , Practice-Bending a C-Bout Rib , Bending the First C-Bout Rib , Onc C-Bout Rib is Glued , Fixing My Bandsaw Blade and Gluing the Second C-Bout Rib , Shaping the Upper and Lower Bout Corner Blocks
  3. Shaping a Lower Bout Corner Block , All Four Corner Blocks Are Shaped , Starting to Bend the Upper and Lower Block Bout Ribs , More Bending , Modifying the Counter Blocks , Trimming the Neck and Tail Block Ribs , All Ribs are Bent and Glued , I Removed the Clamps , Leveling of the Ribs Flush with the Blocks
  4. The Corners Are Trimmed , One Side of Top Linings Bent and Glued , More on the Linings , Sanding the Linings Flush with the Blocks , A Garland Support Jig , Starting on the Top Plate , Bandsawing Out the Top , Bending the Back Linings , Removing the Mold
  5. Gluing the Back Linings , Confession Time , Tracing and Bandsawing the Back Outline , Smoothing the Bandsawn Edges , Smoothing the Ribs and Marking the Back's Edge Height , Sharpening Gouges and Starting to Gouge the Top , First Day of the Rough Arching of the Top , Second Day Rough Arching , Rough Gouging the Corners